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What actually is Interventional Radiology?

Dr. Lewis is a minimally-invasive, image-guided surgeon. This title is more classically known as an interventional radiologist.

An interventional radiologist is a physician that is part radiologist and part surgeon. We are physicians that have specialized in medical imaging interpretation (radiologist) and use that imaging real-time to perform a wide breadth of procedures (surgeon). Our skill set comes along side of you from detection and diagnosis to treatment and recovery. This unique opportunity is truly the best in all of medicine.

Interventional radiology (IR) is an image-guided surgical field that works throughout the body and has allowed us to transform the scalpel into a needle. Every procedure we perform includes an imaging modality (e.g., x-rays, CT, or ultrasound) and sometimes a combination of two or three. These image-guided procedures are less invasive, reduce pain, shorten hospital stays, allow faster recovery and improve patient outcomes. The field is rapidly growing and is continually advancing what and how treatments are delivered.

Patient Testimonials

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Proven Results.

The first thing to know is Dr. Lewis and his staff care.  We focus on three pillars: safety, communication, and results.  As an image-guided surgical specialist, Dr. Lewis serves as a consultant to other physicians or the primary treating physician from pre-procedure evaluation to clinical follow-up.  Regardless of his role, Dr. Lewis integrates his care into your unique healthcare journey. 


Appointments & Procedures

Dr. Lewis sees patients in Monroeville for clinic appointments. He performs outpatient and inpatient procedures Monday through Friday at UPMC East. Outpatient procedures include but are not limited to vertebral augmentation; prostate artery embolization; IVC filter removals; arteriovenous (AV) fistulagram; angioplasty; uterine fibroid embolization; as well as chest port placement, removal and revisions.