learn about the different procedural teams

As an interventional radiologist, Dr. Lewis works across three different imaging modalities and leads four different teams of highly trained nurses and technologists. Each procedural team is dedicated to a modality. Learn about each procedural team below.

The core radiology nursing team often works with you for diagnostic interventional procedures, such as biopsies. These biopsies are performed with CT- or ultrasound-guidance. The nursing team is exceptional. This team brings together ICU, ER, Cardiac cath lab and rehabilitation experiences to serve you. They will call you prior to your procedure and provide the necessary instructions. They will greet you the day of your procedure, prepare you for the procedure, provide intra-procedure care and monitor you post-procedure. They will then take you back to the starting point at the end of your post-procedure recovery.


The angio suite is the operating room theatre for IR physicians. Here, most procedures have an intention to treat (not diagnose).  This team of dynamic, highly trained nurses and technologists work not only with interventional radiologists but also cardiologists, vascular surgeons, electrophysiologists and other pain physicians. Procedures performed in the angio suite by Dr. Lewis include but are not limited to chest port placement, kyphoplasty, arterial embolization, and AV fistula work.  This team will bring you from the peri-anesthesia prep bay to the angio suite, provide intra-procedure care, assure the needed instruments are available and functioning and then transition you to post-procedure recovery.


The CT team is made of technologists highly specialized in the operations of a computed tomography (CT) machine as well as the needed instruments used in CT-guided procedures. In addition, to CT-guided procedures, this team manages the hospital and out-patient diagnostic CT scans all day and all night. Scans are of every part of the body and often time-based due to the use of IV contrast. The CT team can truly see you inside and out!

The ultrasound (U/S) team are the most interactive with you, in procedures and in diagnostic scans. From identifying the biopsy target to holding your hand during the procedure, each member of this team is very much an assistant to Dr. Lewis in the procedure. Not only are sonographers specialized in US-guided procedures, they image nearly every part of the body and every system of your body (e.g., vascular, renal, gastrointestinal, gynecological and musculoskeletal).


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